Power Supply

UNI-T UTP3305-II Linear DC Power Supply


UNI-T 3-CH Output With 2-CH 0-32V/5A And 0-5V/3A DC Power Supply

UTP300-II Series are three-channel linear DC power supplies of adjustable dual channel and fixed single-channel output, featuring tracking, constant voltage/current, series/parallel output, temperature controlled cooling fan, and over voltage/current protection.

1. 3-channel linear DC power supplies feature
2. High-precision four-digit voltage and current display, 10mV/1mA
3. Low ripple/noise
4. Constant voltage/current, OVP, OCP, OTP, reverse polarity protection
5. Parallel/series output function
6. Output on/off control
7. Intelligent temperature control fan

Rs. 24,000.00 /each   Save Rs. 4200 (18% Off)

Rs. 19,800.00 /each  (Incl GST-18%)


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